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Do you grind your teeth? It's a subconscious habit that many people have, which can lead to damaged teeth, headaches, a sore jawbone, and other issues. Avoiding the problem can backfire. You could end up with lose or fractured teeth, TMJ, and other more serious dental issues. Our night guards can help.

We accept most dental insurance plans. Contact us today for details.

- Comfortable

- Customized to fit your mouth

- Easy to put on and remove

- Painless

- Prevent further teeth damage

- Prevent changes to the facial structure

The benefits of our night guards

Do you have teeth that have been damaged from the constant grinding? Rely on us to restore your healthy smile.


We provide a variety of services such as implants and dentures so look and feel your best.

Do you have damaged teeth?

If you know or suspect you're grinding your teeth, let us help you. Dr. Mohana Muthukumaran, DMD has more than 20 years' experience helping people overcome this issue and offers reasonable rates.

Let us help you

You don't have to suffer from teeth grinding